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The application window for Ad 2 DC's next Public Service Client is June-August.

Please download the application to apply.

Ad 2’s Public Service initiative distinguishes Ad 2 from other industry-related organizations. Since the early 1960s, Ad 2 chapters from across the country have been providing pro-bono advertising and marketing campaigns to non-profit organizations in their local communities. Together, Ad 2 chapters have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, secured millions in donated media, and increased volunteers for numerous organizations. To date, more than 300 non-profit advertising and marketing campaigns have been executed by Ad 2 chapters. Each year, Ad 2 Public Service Committees from around the United States showcase their campaigns at the AAF National Conference as part of the Ad 2 National Public Service Competition.

Check out the Ad 2 Public Service video to learn more:

Ad 2 DC is proud to hand-pick one local DC metro area nonprofit each year to receive a fully-integrated pro-bono marketing campaign that includes marketing collateral, media, public relations and more.

Ad 2 DC's 2015-2016 Public Service Campaign for the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW) was awarded first place in the AAF’s Ad 2 National Public Service Competition. Ad 2 DC’s pro bono campaign generated 8 million impressions (a value of $183,000) and provided the client with advertising, social media, public relations, fundraising and infrastructure support. Read more about Ad 2 DC’s 2016 Public Service Campaign on the AAF DC blog.

If you’re a 501c3 organization and are interested in receiving a pro bono marketing campaign from Ad 2 DC, please email the Ad 2 DC Public Service Co-Chairs at with any questions you may have.​

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